Wall Mounted Kayak Rack

wall mount

product code: 102260

Steel wall brackets that can be folded away against the wall for neat and easy storage of your kayak or even other toys….

Kayak Trolley

trolley above bag

product code: 90088

Lightweight universal kayak trolley that suits all types of kayaks. Folds away easily and comes with a nifty bag for easy storage.

Deluxe back rest

deluxe back and seat rest

product code: 80038

The “lazy” boy of kayak back support. This has a seat and back support with 4 adjustable straps to make sure it fits nice and comfortable.

Standard backrest

standard back rest

product code: 90002

Simple standard backrest which can be attached and adjusted for extra comfort. Gives great back support on a kayak.

Collapsible bucket

collapsable bucket

product code: 50243

A handy and easy to store and use PVC bucket. Can be folded flat so takes up very little space.

Live bait bucket

live bait bucket

product code: 50136

PVC bucket that can be used to keep your live bait in. Easy to refresh the water through the mesh top cover and fits nicely inside the kayak centre hatch.

Small folding anchor

folding anchor

product code: 90061

Small 0,7kg galvanised steel folding anchor which can be used on a kayak. Important to use anchor chain with the anchor for it to be more effective.

Complete folding anchor

anchor in a bag

product code: 90094

Small 0,7kg galvanised steel folding anchor which can be used on a kayak complete with suitable chain and 25m of rope.

Club / Pacifier

club, pacifier

product code: 20210

Tackle pouch

tackle pouch

product code: 20204

Pouches made to keep your traces and tackle organised and easy to find, available in 4″, 6″ and 8″ pouch.

Rod leash

rod leash

product code: 51000

2m kayak rod leash – cleverly designed, with a coil that can stretch up to 2m. This keeps your rods safe and sound at all times while your leash is connected.

Bamboo gaff

bamboo gaff

product code: 29008

Gaff made from bamboo perfect size for a fishing kayak.

Rod holder

rod leash

product code: 51002

Small jig pouch

jig pouch

product code: 10312

Pouch made for different jigs. This pouch makes organisation of different jigs a pleasure and makes that favourite one easy to find.

Small live bait torpedo

live bait tube

product code: 19504

Clever little PVC tube/torpedo made to be used on the side of your kayak to store your valuable live bait. Easy to use and fits to all types of kayaks.

Butt pad

seat cushion

product code: 91022

Eva material pad that is self adhesive and is positioned on the kayak seat for extra comfort.